Results from 2018 DH McKenzie AFF1 in Brisbane

Well done to all our UTS fencers who competed last weekend in the D.H. McKenzie Open, Veteran and Under 23 events in Brisbane.


  • Firstly, congratulations to the following fencers, who achieved top 3 finishes in the veteran events Queensland:

Min Yi Du: 1st                     (Women’s Veteran Sabre)

Julia Lyaschenko: 1st        (Women’s Veteran Foil)

Andrey Tyshchenko: 1st   (Men’s Veteran Foil)

Melissa Yeung 2nd             (Women’s Veteran Sabre)

Annabelle Ballard 3rd           (Women’s Veteran Foil

Julie Seggie: 3rd                 (Veteran Women’s Epee)

Radu Vintila : 3rd                       (Veteran Men’s Sabre)


  • In the Under 23 Women’s Epee event, Karen Nonis achieved 3rd place


  • In the Open competitions the club also did well, with good results from the following UTS fencers:

Karen Nonis  –  5th in Women’s Open Epee

Alisa Tyshchenko – 11th place in Women’s Open Foil

Julia Lyaschenko – 14th place in Women’s Open Foil

Lachlan Fitzgerald – 14th place in Men’s Open Epee

Min Yi Du – 9th place in Women’s Open Sabre


Well done, everyone! (photos later…)