Congratulations to our fencers on their terrific performances in Perth at AFF#3/Under 23/Club Team events

In team, individual, open, under 23 and veteran events UTS fencers performed extremely well – achieving medals across gold, silver and bronze categories. Well done everyone!!
Gold: Melissa (Veteran Women’s Epee, Veteran Women’s Sabre), Andrey Tyshchenko (Veteran Foil)
Silver: Chris Nonis (Veteran Men’s Epee)
Bronze: Dominic Au-Yeung (Under23 Men’s Sabre), Adam Reynolds (Veteran Men’s Foil), UTS Epee Women’s Epee Team (Juanita Koschier, Benita Ramage, Melissa Yeung), UTS Men’s Sabre Team (Dominic Au-Yeung, Memhet Bal, Brian Kan, Harrison May)

If anyone has been missed, please let me know.