Commonwealth Fencing Championships 2010

UTS Fencing Club wins 8 Gold medals at the Commonwealth Fencing Championships held in Melbourne in September.

Men’s Foil Individual
Gold – Frank Bartolillo
5th – Joe Slowiaczek

Men’s Foil Team
Gold – Frank Bartolillo, Joe Slowiaczek

Women’s Foil Individual
20th – Lishan Sung

Women’s Foil Teams
Bronze – Lishan Sung

Women’s Sabre Individual
22nd – Min Yi Du

Women’s Sabre Team
Silver – Min Yi Du

Veteran Men’s Foil Individual
Bronze – Richard Purdie (Gold 60-69 Age Category)
11th – Rowan Turner

Veteran Men’s Foil Team
Gold – Richard Purdie, Rowan Turner

Veteran Men’s Epee Individual
7th – Richard Purdie (Gold 60-69 Age Category)
8th – Rowan Turner
16th – Marcus Pesman

Veteran Women’s Epee Individual
Bronze – Julie Seggie (Gold 50-59 Age Category)

Veteran Women’s Epee Team
Gold – Julie Seggie

Veteran Women’s Sabre Individual
Gold – Min Yi Du

AFF # 2 competition: Robyn Chaplin Tournament 2010 – 12 – 14 June 2010

Open Men’s Foil

1st place: Bartolillo, Frank

3rd place: Slowiaczek, Joe

37th place: Tyshchenko, Andrey

38th place: Daley, Patrick

49th place: Turner, Rowan

Open Women’s Foil

1st place: Sung, Lishan

6th place: Wallis, Georgia

16th place: Slowiaczek, Anna

19th place: Seggie, Julie

Open Women’s Sabre

3rd place: Du, Min

6th place: Yeung, Melissa

Open Men’s Epee

13th place: Yang, Liu

17th place: Davies, Nick

Open Women’s Epee

17th place: Esposito Chloe

19th place: Seggie, Julie

Open Men’s Sabre

16th place: Lamont, Michael

State Competition results for May 2010

President’s Cup 2010 – 16th May 2010

Open Men’s Foil
5th place: Tyschchenko, Andrey
7th place: Turner, Rowan
8th place: Purdie, Richard
9th place: Daley Patrick
14th place: Aitchison, Phil
17th place: Phillips, Edward

Open Women’s Foil
1st place: Sung, Lishan

Allyson Schofield Sabre Competion – 16th May 2010

Open Men’s Sabre
9th place: Lamont, Michael

Marconi Cup 2010 – 2nd May 2010

Open Men’s Epee
3rd place: Pesman, Marcus
11th place: Purdie, Richard

Open Women’s Epee
3rd place: Seggie, Julie

Challenge Australia – 22nd May 2010

Men’s Open
24th place: Davis, Nick
54th place: Pesman, Marcus
68th place: Fairweather, Duncan

Women’s Open
42nd place: Seggie Julie

UTS Fencers representing Australia

Congratulations go to UTS fencers Hayden Fitzgerald (Cadet Foil), Lishan Sung (Cadet and Junior Women’s Foil) and Eunice Fung (Junior Women’s Epee) who were selected for the Australian Team at the upcoming Asian Junior and Cadet Fencing Championships 2010 to be held in Manila from 5 to 14 March 2010

We wish them and all the Australian Fencers well in the competition!

UTS Fencers goodwill training tour to Shanghai

Young UTS fencers visited Shanghai to train at the JingAn Sports High School and Shanghai Foil Centre in January 2010.

Patrick Daley, Robbie Snell and James Baker under the guidance of team manager Frank Bartolillo, spent two weeks training at Jiang District Sports School, which is the oldest & leading Sports School in Shanghai. Frank Bartolillo conducted footwork and fencing fitness classes daily, before the boys joined in school fencing sessions. The school’s experienced coaches offered individual lessons.

In the second week the boys were invited to train at the Shanghai Foil Training Centre. The SFTC team is ranked 3 in China and gave our fencers a serious workout over two full days. The excellent facilities and intensive training program at the SFTC were a great opportunity for our young fencers to start 2010 with strong performances.

Lishan Sung also spent two weeks in January training at the Shanghai Foil Centre in preparation for the Asian Cadet and Junior Championships in May.