UTS Fencing Club Foil Championships – Saturday 21st October (2:15pm start)

A reminder that the 2017 UTS Fencing Club Foil Championships will be held on Saturday 21st October 2017.     Roll Call is at 2:15pm.     

Registration can be via contactus@utsfencing.com or in person on the day.   The gym will be opened from 2pm.

Venue: UTS Sydney Boys High Gym, Cleveland Street, Moore Park
Entries are free for all 2017 UTS Fencing Club members.     Visitors: $10

The UTS Fencing Club Epee Championships will be held on Saturday 28th October (2:15pm start)


Delayed training commencement time – Monday 23rd Oct (6:30pm -9pm)

Due to exam arrangement at Sydney Boys High, the start time for Monday 23rd October 2017 training session will be delayed to 6:30pm.   The end time for the session will be 9pm.      This is an once-only variation to the Monday training session time that apply to Monday 23rd October.  Other remaining Monday sessions in 2017 will be unaffected with a commencement time at 5:45pm and end time at 8:15pm.

Congratuations: Juanita Koschier’s International gold medal result

The club congratulations Juanita on her gold in the individual Women’s Epee event at 2017 Oceania Cadet Championships, Noumea 6th -8th Oct 2017.  This follow on a year of good international performances by Juanita who claimed a 6th place in the 2017 South East Asia and Pacific Cadet Championships’ Women’s Epee event, 17th place in the 2017 South East Asia and Pacific Junior Championships Women’s Epee event, and a 5th place Women’s Epee event at the 2017 International Asian Cadet Circuit- Brisbane. Attached are photos from Noumea and the SE Asia and Pacific Cadet Champtionships



UTS medals at U/23 State Championship and State Veteran Championships

Congratulations to our UTS medalists at the championships held on 8th October

Alisa Tyshchenko : Gold (U/23 State Championship)

Andrey Tyshchenko: Gold (State Veteran Championships)

Rita Tsiamoulis: Bronze (U/23 State Championship)

Michael Prince: Bronze (State Veteran Championships

2017 UTS Fencing Club Championships coming up

The 2017 Club championships will be held on the following dates.    These are fun events, so be sure to encourage your fellow fencers to join in the competition(s).   The competitions are fenced in a great spirit and everyone goes home a winner.

UTS Fencing Club Foil championships – Saturday 21st October (2:15pm start)

UTS Fencing Club Epee championships 
 – Saturday 28th October (2:15pm start)

UTS Vice- Chancellor Sabre championships – Saturday 25th November (2:15pm start)

Venue: UTS Sydney Boys High Gym, Cleveland Street, Moore Park

Entries are free for all 2017 UTS Fencing Club members.     Visitors: $10

For more information and/or registration: contactus@utsfencing.com

October updates and UniGames news

UTS Fencing has been having a busy few months with local and international competitions.      Our fencers achieved very good results across the weapons and in Open and aged categories events in these competitions.   On an international level 8 UTS fencers have so far represented Australia in the national senior, veteran, junior and cadet teams, winning for Australia a great tally of medals in all three disciplines.     

With the upcoming Veterans World Championships 2017- Maribor, Slovenia, we are keeping our fingers crossed for more good results.   UTS Fencing will have four Australian representatives in Maribor, they are Julie Seggie (Epee), Annabelle Ballard (Epee, Foil), Richard Purdie (Epee, Foil) and Min Du (Sabre).

At the national and state level competitions, our junior fencers (Emily Principe, Karen Nonis, Katherine Wang, Juanita Koschier) are emerging as serious medal contenders against more experienced fencers.   

Our latest good news is that Team UTS (Harrison May, Catherine McClean, Rosamond Hooper and Jamie Kim) fenced exceptionally well,  winning  4 medals, including 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze  at the Australian University Games fencing events which were held just in the last few days.

Great effort and fantastic results by UTS fencers in the City of Sydney and Allyson Schofield fencing competitions

Great effort and fantastic results by UTS fencers in the City of Sydney and Allyson Schofield fencing competitions that were held on Sunday 20th August 2017

Well done all!


City of Sydney 2017

Open Men’s Foil

Silver: Andrey Tyshchenko

6th place: Richard Purdie


Open Women’s Foil

Bronze: Rosa Dyson

5th place: Alisa Tyschchenko

6th place: Julia Lyaschenko

7th place: Annabelle allard

8th place: Rita Tsiaomulis


Open Men’s Epee

Bronze: Andrey Tyshchenko

7th place: Richard Purdie

11th place: Martin Groetzschel

17th place: Chris Nonis


Open Women’s Epee

Bronze: Katherine Wang

6th place: Karen Nonis

7th place: Julie Seggie


Allyson Schofield Sabre 2017


Open Men’s Sabre

5th place: Brian Kan


Open Women’s Sabre

Bronze: Wenxin Jin

Bronze: Hiu Mei Ting

5th place: Catie McClean

Club dinner at the Bavarian Bier Cafe – Entertainment Quarter

Some photos from the night

U/15 State Championships Club Foil Team Victory

Congratulations to Alisa Tyshchenko, Michael Chang, and Matthew Bui for their outstanding efforts in securing gold for Team UTS in the NSW State Championships 2017 U/15 Mixed Foil Team event.

The event attracted one of the largest turn out for U/15 NSWFA club team events in recent years, and was strongly contested by local and international club teams.   

Foil workshop – rules, practice and refereeing (Saturday 29th April)

Club Event: Foil workshop – rules, practice and refereeing

Date: Saturday 29th April 2017

Time: 4pm -5pm.

Facilitator: Mr Edouard Renneville

Athlete Profile for Edouard can be found at http://utsfencing.com/news/athlete-profile/athlete-profile-edouard-renneville/

Description: The workshop aims to provide participants a better understanding of the rules of foil fencing, as well as the way the rules are interpreted and implemented in competitions.     

No training on the Easter weekend

The UTS SBH Gym is not available over the Easter break (Saturday 15th April and Monday 17th April).

NOTE: the Gym is also unavailable due to a major event on the following Saturday (Saturday 22nd April).

A full list of modifications to training times is always available on the front page of the website.