To fence at UTS Fencing Club you need to pay either a Membership fee or a Visitor’s fee or be a participant in a Beginners or Intermediate Class (Membership is included in the class fee if you are a current UTS students, staff and alumni;  for all other class participants there will be an extra fee to become a member).

2019 fees
UTS Students members $50
UTS Staff and Alumni members $60
Public Members $240
Veteran Members (Public) Members (aged 50 or more as of 1st January 2019) $190
Junior Members (aged 14 or under as of 1st January 2019 $120
Visitors Fee $250

The benefits in being a UTS Fencing Club Member are:

  • Membership in one of Australia’s premier fencing clubs
  • Use of all club equipment – both the individual gear as well as the electronic boxes (scoring equipment)
  • The ability to compete in club team events for UTS.

Please note as a condition of membership, all members who compete in the state and national level competitions are require to register or affiliate as a  UTS Fencing Club member with NSW Fencing Association, and be available to compete as a UTSFC members for individual and club teams events.   Members who change their affiliation during the course of the calendar year must inform the club executives within 10 working days,  to reverse their status to visitors and to pay the outstanding the amount of visitor fees due for the calendar year.