Edouard Renneville joined UTSFC in 2015 after a 5 years break in his fencing career. Since that time he has been competing in National and State Competitions in Australia.
Edouard is actually part of the top 5 Australian Open Men’s Foilist as well as the current No2 in NSW.


Facts and trivia
Edouard began fencing in 1983 when he was 6 years old, and fenced in France for over 20 years at National and International level. He has been part of the top 10 French foilists in Cadet and Junior and part of the top 30 at senior level.
Edouard has been competing in the Senior Foil French First Division for about 5 years in individual and team competitions.
Competition results in 2015 included: 3rd at AFC2 and 6th at Australian National Open Fencing Championships; victories at NSW State Open Championships; NSW Super invitational Open Men’s Foil;
Competition results in 2016 so far include: 3rd at AFC1 and AFC2;
His ambition is to represent Australia in International competitions when he will become Australian which should occur in the end of 2016.