Great effort and fantastic results by UTS fencers in the City of Sydney and Allyson Schofield fencing competitions that were held on Sunday 20th August 2017

Well done all!


City of Sydney 2017

Open Men’s Foil

Silver: Andrey Tyshchenko

6th place: Richard Purdie


Open Women’s Foil

Bronze: Rosa Dyson

5th place: Alisa Tyschchenko

6th place: Julia Lyaschenko

7th place: Annabelle allard

8th place: Rita Tsiaomulis


Open Men’s Epee

Bronze: Andrey Tyshchenko

7th place: Richard Purdie

11th place: Martin Groetzschel

17th place: Chris Nonis


Open Women’s Epee

Bronze: Katherine Wang

6th place: Karen Nonis

7th place: Julie Seggie


Allyson Schofield Sabre 2017


Open Men’s Sabre

5th place: Brian Kan


Open Women’s Sabre

Bronze: Wenxin Jin

Bronze: Hiu Mei Ting

5th place: Catie McClean