Four out of four for UTS Fencing Club at the State Teams Championships

UTS has taken out all of the four State Team Championship events held so far this year.

Joe Slowiaczek maintained his great form anchoring the Men’s Epee Team with Dione Vosper a strong finisher for the Women’s Foil Team.

State Team Championships – Men’s Epee

    Gold to UTS – Peter Chicco, Mark Grant, Paul Leone Jnr, Joe Slowiaczek

State Team Championships – Women’s Foil

    Gold to UTS – Georgia Read, Anna Slowiaczek, Dione Vosper, Karin Wang

Success for UTS Fencing Club at the State Teams Championships

With UTS fielding 3 Men’s Foil teams and a Women’s Epee team we were well represented and dominated the competition.

Special mention needs to be made for the Men’s Foil B Team who only lost for 3rd place by 1 hit.

State Team Championships – Men’s Foil

    Gold to the UTS A Team – Steve Augoloupis, Frank Bartolillo, Alex Carioti, Peter Chicco
    4th place to the UTS B Team – David Donato, Paul Leone Jnr, Ashley Yue
    9th place to the UTS C Team – Ian Bryant, Charles Carrol, Michael Prince

State Team Championships – Women’s Epee

    Gold to UTS – Adele Haswell, Julie Seggie, Dione Vosper

UTS will also have a strong representation at the Men’s Epee and Women’s Foil Team Championships this coming Sunday 17 April, 2005.