Photos from the NSW Championships!

2014 NSW State Championships

UTS Fencing has a pretty good year in the 2014 state championships series, netting an overall medal count of 19 ( 5 Gold, 6 Silver and 8 Bronze medals ), well done UTS Fencing. The results from the most recent state championships events are as below:

2014 NSW State Open Championships

Open Men’s Foil (26th Oct)

Bronze: Andrey Tyshchenko

12th place: Rowan Turner


Open Women’s Foil (26th Oct)

8th place: Joyce Zhu

9th place: Julia Lyaschenko


Open Men’s Epee (26th Oct)

Bronze: Lachlan Fitzgerald

6th place: Kelly Durant

7th place: Daniel West

12th place: Reagan Clarke

14th place: Oscar Hargreaves


Open Women’s Epee (26th Oct)

Silver: Elizabeth Duff

5th place: Melissa Yeung

6th place: Emily Principe

10th place: Karen Nonis


Open Men’s Sabre (26th Oct)

16th place: Attila Brungs


2014 NSW Team Championships

Men’s Foil Teams (19th Oct)

Silver: UTS A

6th place: UTS B


Women’s Foil Teams (19th Oct)

5th place: UTS A

7th place: UTS B


Men’s Epee Teams (12th Oct)

Bronze: UTS A

5th place: UTS B


Women’s Epee Teams (12th Oct)

Silver: UTS


2014 NSW State Veteran Championships

Veteran Men’s Foil (2nd Nov)

Gold: Andrey Tyshchenko

Silver: Michael Prince

Bronze: Rowan Turner


Veteran Men’s Epee (2nd Nov)

Gold: Andrey Tyshchenko

Bronze: Rowan Turner


Veteran Men’s Sabre (2nd Nov)

Bronze: Attila Brungs


2014 Cadet (U/17) Sydney Olympic Cup

Women’s Epee (26th Oct)

Gold: Emily Principe

Silver: Elizabeth Duff

4th place: Karen Nonis


Men’s Foil (26th Oct)

Silver : Adam Chew


Women’s Foil (26th Oct)

6th place: Joyce Zhu