Congrats to our UTS medalists at the Pre-National events on Sunday

Congratulations to all our medalists from the Pre Nationals events that took place last Sunday (4th November) at the NSW Fencing Centre:

Open Men’s foil  – Silver: Andrey Tyshchenko

Open Women’s foil – Bronze: Julia Lyaschenko & Alicia Tyshchenko

Open Men’s Epee  – Bronze: Lachlan Fitzgerald

Veteran Men’s Foil – Silver: Michael Prince

Veteran Men’s Epee – Bronze: Chris Nonis

Club Day

A huge thank you to Brian, Dom, Melissa and Lee for helping out at the Fencing club stall on UTS Club Day today. And a special congratulations to our demo fencers Dom, Brian, and Lee. They put on a great show that was made even better by Brian’s smooth performance as MC.

Semester 2, 2018 Learn-to-fence program

Venue:                                 UTS Rose-Milbourne Sports Hall (RMSH), UTS City Campus
(beneath Alumni Green and adjacent to the existing UTS Fitness Centre, CB04)


Cost per program:                           UTS students: $80, UTS Staff: $90, Public: $120

What to bring:                   All participants should wear long tracksuit pants, T-shirt, sport shoes and bring along a leather or cotton gardening glove for their dominant hand.

Session structure:            Structured training, participants will learn the foundation technique, skills, strategy and rules of modern competitive fencing.  Suitable for fencers with experience from beginning to intermediate level.   For more information contact

Dates:   Thursday (9th Aug, 16th Aug, 23rd Aug, 30th Aug, 13th Sept, 20th Sept ) –note there is no session on 9th Sept

Session Time:    4:00pm – 5.30pm;

Number of session:         6

UTS Fencers results at U/15 and Cadet National Championships

Well done to all our cadets and U/15 fencers for their fantastic efforts at the recent Cadet and Under 15 National Championships (11th July – 15th July 2018) that were held in Sydney.    Congratulations to our latest Australian Champions, Karen Nonis and Alisa Tyschenko for their respective gold medals in the Cadet Women’s Epee and U/15 Girl Foil events respectively.     

Karen and Katherine Wang were also selected to represent NSW A in the Cadet Women’s Epee Team which won Gold in the team event, while Alisa put in a big effort in both U/15 Girls Foil Team and Cadet Women’s Foil Team, earning a Silver as well as a Gold medal in the process.

U/15 Australian Championships

Girls Foil
Gold:                Alisa Tyshchenko

Boys Sabre:
5th place:         Ethan Kwan
11th place:       Matius Posumah

Girls Team Foil
Silver:              Alisa Tyshchenko (NSW A)

Boys Team Sabre:
Bronze:         Ethan Kwan, Matius Posumah (NSW B)

Cadet Australian Championships

Women’s Epee
Gold:                Karen Nonis
9th place:         Katherine Wang

Women’s Foil
13th place:                   Alisa Tyshchenko

Men’s Sabre
21st place:                    Nicholas Yuen
23rd place:                   Adrian Leong
24th place:                   Ethan Kwan

Women’s Foil Team
Gold:                            Alisa Tyshchenko (NSW A)

Women’s Epee Team
Gold:                            Karen Nonis, Katherine Wang (NSW A)

UTS FENCING 2018 Vice-Chancellor’s Junior Scholarships now open!

The UTS Vice-Chancellor’s Junior Scholarships are now open for all applicants – and the benefits can include:

  • A funding grant of up to $500 towards study costs per year for the duration of the scholarship;
  • Subsidies for state and national competition entry fees;
  • UTS Fencing training programs
  • Junior Scholarship recipients who go on to enrol into a degree coursework program at UTS in 2019 will be provided an additional year of grant funding, up to $500 toward study costs. The terms and conditions of the Vice-Chancellor’s Junior Scholarship will apply during such period.

For all information on application criteria and instructions on how to apply, please download the Scholarship document available at the link below. NOTE: The due date of application for the inaugural UTS Vice-Chancellor’s Junior  Fencing Scholarships has been extended to Friday 13th July 20188

UTS Fencing 2018 VC junior scholarships 31052018.pdf

*We would like to thank our Patron UTS Vice-Chancellor Professor Attila Brungs for his very generous support for the Fencing Club

Results from 2018 DH McKenzie AFF1 in Brisbane

Well done to all our UTS fencers who competed last weekend in the D.H. McKenzie Open, Veteran and Under 23 events in Brisbane.


  • Firstly, congratulations to the following fencers, who achieved top 3 finishes in the veteran events Queensland:

Min Yi Du: 1st                     (Women’s Veteran Sabre)

Julia Lyaschenko: 1st        (Women’s Veteran Foil)

Andrey Tyshchenko: 1st   (Men’s Veteran Foil)

Melissa Yeung 2nd             (Women’s Veteran Sabre)

Annabelle Ballard 3rd           (Women’s Veteran Foil

Julie Seggie: 3rd                 (Veteran Women’s Epee)

Radu Vintila : 3rd                       (Veteran Men’s Sabre)


  • In the Under 23 Women’s Epee event, Karen Nonis achieved 3rd place


  • In the Open competitions the club also did well, with good results from the following UTS fencers:

Karen Nonis  –  5th in Women’s Open Epee

Alisa Tyshchenko – 11th place in Women’s Open Foil

Julia Lyaschenko – 14th place in Women’s Open Foil

Lachlan Fitzgerald – 14th place in Men’s Open Epee

Min Yi Du – 9th place in Women’s Open Sabre


Well done, everyone! (photos later…)

Training Cancelled on Saturday 24th February

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Fencing Club’s booking for Saturday 24th of February has been cancelled. Unfortunately we were only notified this week. The club apologises for any inconvenience.