Vale Henry de Silva

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Henry de Silva, a British veteran fencer who was a founder of veteran fencing in Britain and Europe. He has been competing on the international veteran circuit for decades, as well a working as a coach, and is the author of a book on fencing. 

He began fencing at the age of fifteen, and last year reached his 90th birthday.

Henry de Silva, we salute you.

Photos from the NSW Championships!

2014 NSW State Championships

UTS Fencing has a pretty good year in the 2014 state championships series, netting an overall medal count of 19 ( 5 Gold, 6 Silver and 8 Bronze medals ), well done UTS Fencing. The results from the most recent state championships events are as below:

2014 NSW State Open Championships

Open Men’s Foil (26th Oct)

Bronze: Andrey Tyshchenko

12th place: Rowan Turner


Open Women’s Foil (26th Oct)

8th place: Joyce Zhu

9th place: Julia Lyaschenko


Open Men’s Epee (26th Oct)

Bronze: Lachlan Fitzgerald

6th place: Kelly Durant

7th place: Daniel West

12th place: Reagan Clarke

14th place: Oscar Hargreaves


Open Women’s Epee (26th Oct)

Silver: Elizabeth Duff

5th place: Melissa Yeung

6th place: Emily Principe

10th place: Karen Nonis


Open Men’s Sabre (26th Oct)

16th place: Attila Brungs


2014 NSW Team Championships

Men’s Foil Teams (19th Oct)

Silver: UTS A

6th place: UTS B


Women’s Foil Teams (19th Oct)

5th place: UTS A

7th place: UTS B


Men’s Epee Teams (12th Oct)

Bronze: UTS A

5th place: UTS B


Women’s Epee Teams (12th Oct)

Silver: UTS


2014 NSW State Veteran Championships

Veteran Men’s Foil (2nd Nov)

Gold: Andrey Tyshchenko

Silver: Michael Prince

Bronze: Rowan Turner


Veteran Men’s Epee (2nd Nov)

Gold: Andrey Tyshchenko

Bronze: Rowan Turner


Veteran Men’s Sabre (2nd Nov)

Bronze: Attila Brungs


2014 Cadet (U/17) Sydney Olympic Cup

Women’s Epee (26th Oct)

Gold: Emily Principe

Silver: Elizabeth Duff

4th place: Karen Nonis


Men’s Foil (26th Oct)

Silver : Adam Chew


Women’s Foil (26th Oct)

6th place: Joyce Zhu


Some results and photos from Perth (AFF#3)

Congratulations to the Women’s Epee Team for silver, and the Men’s Foil Team for bronze, as well as Julie’s gold medal in Veteran Women’s Epee Andrey’s bronze medal in the Veteran Men’s Foil.

Australian Team Selections : UTS

Congratulations to the follow UTS fencers and staff on their selection to the Australian Teams

World Veterans Championships (Debrecen, Hungary, 21-26 October)
Sarah Osvath – Epee
Julie Seggie  – Epee
Annabelle Slowiaczek – Foil

Commonwealth Veterans Championships (November 16-19, Largs, Scotland)
Attila Brungs – Sabre
Richard Purdie – Foil
Andrey Tyshchenko – Foil

Recent Results – July / August

Brian McCowage (24th August 2014)
Men’s Open Foil
7th place: Philip Aitchison

Veteran Mixed Foil
Gold: Philip Aitchison

Gilt Series (24th August 2014)
Men’s Open Epee
7th place: Lachlan Fitzgerald
8th place: Daniel West
9th place: Reagan Clarke

Women’s Open Epee
3rd place: Elizabeth Duff
6th place: Julie Seggie

Veteran Mixed Epee
Silver: Duncan Fairweather

President’s Cup 2014 (10th August 2014)
Men’s Open Foil
Bronze: Andrey Tyshchenko
13th place: Tan Nguyen

Men’s Veteran Foil
Gold: Philip Aitchison
Silver: Andrey Tyschchenko

Under 23 State Championships
Men’s Epee(27th July 2014)
Gold: Lachlan Fitzgerald
5th place: Daniel West

Women’s Epee (27th July 2014)
Bronze: Elizabeth Duff
Bronze: Emily Principe