Semester 1, 2021 Learn-to-fence program

Venue: UTS Multi-Purpose Sports Hall, Broadway Campus

Registration:  by Sunday 28th February 2021

Cost per program: UTS students: $80, UTS Staff: $90, Public: $120

What to bring: All participants should wear long tracksuit pants, T-shirt, sport shoes and bring along a leather or cotton gardening glove for their dominant hand.

Session structure: Structured training, participants will learn the foundation technique, skills, strategy and rules of modern competitive fencing.  Suitable for fencers with experience from beginning to intermediate level.   For more information contact

Dates: 5 Thursday from March 4th – April 1st, 2021

Session Time: 4:30pm – 6:00 pm. 

Experienced Fencers
Disciplines:  All 3 Olympics fencing disciplines (Foil, Epee, Sabre) are practised at UTS Fencing
General Club Training Session:
Mon 5:45pm -8:15pm, Wed 6pm -10pm, Sat 3pm–6pm
Venue: UTS Fencing Club, UTS Sydney Boys High Gym, Cleveland Street, Moore Park
For further information contact
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