Photograph courtesy of Andrew L Vitiello

Australia’s premier fencing club is home to Australian and NSW Representatives in all three Olympic fencing weapons; foil, epee and sabre. We have past and current Commonwealth medallists with National and State Champions across all age groups.

Learn to fence – always wanted to give fencing a try?

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Training Locations and times:

UTS Sydney Boys High Gym

(Cleveland Street, Moore Park – on-site of Sydney Boys High School)
Monday: 6pm – 8pm
Wednesday: 6pm -10pm
Saturday: 3pm -6pm

Ross Milbourne Sports Hall (RMSH) (corner of Harris St and Thomas St.
(University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) Broadway Campus)
Map of Ross Milbourne Sports Hall location

Club Training sessions – affected by the non-availability of UTS Sydney Boys High Gym or Public holidays




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