Athlete Profiles

Name Juanita Koschier
Weapon Epée
Hand Right
Age 19

1. When did you start fencing?

Since the age of 12, I have trained at the UTS Fencing Club, I began learning foil for four years until I switched discipline in 2016 and transferred to ​Epée.

2. What was your most difficult moment in fencing and why?

My most difficult moment in Fencing was when I was first starting out as a foilist, after four years of training I was not enjoying foil as much as I thought I would. It wasn’t until I made a spur of the moment decision in 2016 and transferred to ​Épée ​that I started to train more regularly.

3. What was your proudest fencing moment and why?

My most memorable experience from fencing would be from three years ago. For many years I dreamt of winning a gold medal, however year after year, my ranks were quite low, nevertheless I promised to myself to continue training. It wasn’t until the day that I came first in New Caledonia that I realised my success was a group effort, my teammates and coaches supported us during competitions which helped us reach our goals and achieve a team Bronze medal for Australia.

4. Favourite fencing food

My favourite fencing food is snacking on small pieces of 70% Cocoa Lind dark chocolate during competitions.

5. How do you keep yourself motivated

As a full time student juggling work commitments, it is important that I manage my time effectively so that I can harness my full potential.