Well done to all our UTS fencers who competed last weekend in the D.H. McKenzie Open, Veteran and Under 23 events in Brisbane.


  • Firstly, congratulations to the following fencers, who achieved top 3 finishes in the veteran events Queensland:

Min Yi Du: 1st                     (Women’s Veteran Sabre)

Julia Lyaschenko: 1st        (Women’s Veteran Foil)

Andrey Tyshchenko: 1st   (Men’s Veteran Foil)

Melissa Yeung 2nd             (Women’s Veteran Sabre)

Annabelle Ballard 3rd           (Women’s Veteran Foil

Julie Seggie: 3rd                 (Veteran Women’s Epee)

Radu Vintila : 3rd                       (Veteran Men’s Sabre)


  • In the Under 23 Women’s Epee event, Karen Nonis achieved 3rd place


  • In the Open competitions the club also did well, with good results from the following UTS fencers:

Karen Nonis  –  5th in Women’s Open Epee

Alisa Tyshchenko – 11th place in Women’s Open Foil

Julia Lyaschenko – 14th place in Women’s Open Foil

Lachlan Fitzgerald – 14th place in Men’s Open Epee

Min Yi Du – 9th place in Women’s Open Sabre


Well done, everyone! (photos later…)